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A single interface across crypto exchanges and data sources. Universal API platform to build cryptocurrency applications.

What is Path.?

A powerful set of API interfaces into the disparate data sources of the crypto ecosystem. Instead of writing multiple interfaces into different exchanges or wallets, code to a single universal interface. Focus on product building and not data wrangling.


Data transport are performed over SSL. We never store exchange login credentials or API keys. Data sources are extracted with read-only mode. No write updates are performed to ensure the integrity and security of all data sources.


Data are stored in the cloud for computation purposes. You have full control over local vs remote storage.


Using smart algorithms, we map the paths of related assets. From trading pairs, transfers, blockchains, airdrops and more. This ensures you have full visibility of your tracked assets.

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Innovation is about experiments. From solo developers to enterprise users. Our plans are designed to cover all users and use cases.

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Crypto apps leveraging the Path. platform.

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