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Path gives freelancers & entrepreneurs the tools to succeed.

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Path not only gives you the most commonly used tools, we also provide an instruction manual on how to use them.

There are plenty of software packages out there to help you run your business, but unless you studied accounting, tax, or law, it can be overwhelming. Not to mention, the industry is constantly changing with new laws and policies. You understandably have questions. In some instances, you may not even know what to ask. Path was created to give you the tools you need AND the knowledge to use them. 

In-depth business advice

Our Business Guides were written by experts to help answer your questions

Combines the most used business tools

Path is the one solution you need to run your entire business

Built for freelancers & business of all sizes

Whether you’re just getting started or are scaling a small business,
we’re here for you.


We don’t just give you the tools; we also tell you why and how you should use them. Our content is written by experts and is regularly updated with answers to new questions or when new laws are passed.

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"I’m not great at the administrative part of running my freelance business--and I tend to put it off. Path helps keep my business on track and teach me the legal and financial skills to grow."
Catherine C.
“It’s worth it just to have professional-looking contracts."
Kyle S.
"I wasn’t as aggressive as I should have been in seeking out new business because the idea of the time commitment to maintain everything was overwhelming. Path solves that for me."
Brian L.

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